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Published: 23.09.2022
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Published: 23.09.2022
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Published: 23.09.2022
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Published: 23.09.2022
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Eugenia Syrytsia

Being part

of Admix Global is...

Anastasia Petrova
Team lead at Admix Global

“ I have been working at Admix Global for more than a year and I am very happy about it. Excellent team, adequate and clear task setting, good salary with regular review, career growth opportunities. Plus, the convenient location of the office and the office itself, which is also important. Separately, buns in the form of various goodies (fruits and snacks) are pleasing in a wide variety.

The salary is always paid on time, there is a feeling of confidence in the future (which is very important in our realities). I work with pleasure and invite my friends if I know that they are also looking for work. “

Anzhela Khudiakova
Project Manager at Admix Global

“ I have been working at Admix Global for the third year. As soon as I arrived, I was immediately informed that the company encourages the desire of employees to grow and develop. This was one of the decisive factors why I decided to work here.

And so, after a while, I grew from a content manager into a Project manager. If you really want to develop and not be afraid of work, you can become excellent multifaceted professionals. For all the time I have been working, I can say that this is one of the most reliable companies for employees.

There are never any delays in the payment of salary, every six months the payment is reviewed with an increase. The team is growing, which means that people come and stay. It’s nice to come to work, because there is always a friendly and working atmosphere. Here I found not only colleagues, but also friends. It is also important to note that you can always discuss work issues directly with the management, if there is such a desire and need. After all, as often happens, the leadership is someone out there. At Admix Global, leadership is always there. I am very glad that I have been working here for a year.

After all, this is the case when work has become a second home. “

Valentyn Shuvaev
Team lead at

“ Came to the company with no experience as a Linkbuilder, Outreach Specialist, went through training, started to show good results, for which he was noted by his superiors and after some time, became a Team Lead of the Linkbuilder Department, was very glad to get into this particular company because here they really train from scratch, prompt and help. The main motto of our leader is, You give value – you get value, and this applies not only to the salary, which is above the market in this specialty, but also in terms of attitude and loyalty.

There are never any salary delays, everything is paid strictly on time, a very friendly and young team, a cozy bright office with powerful PCs, various goodies in the office, such as fruits, snacks, pizza, etc. I am really grateful to this company for starting in IT and I hope to help it in its development and reaching new heights for a long time to come. “


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