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Valentyn Shuvaev
Team Lead at Editorial.Link

“ I was lucky enough to join the company without any experience and get the Link Builder & Outreach Specialist position. I was gradually trained and eventually started to show some good results, which was actually the reason why I got the job. After a while, I grew to become a Team Leader in the Linkbuilder Department. I was very excited to join the Admix Global family because they can explain complex things easily from scratch and provide support. My manager, at the time, once told me that it’s all about getting what you give here. And I think there’s a positive correlation between the effort one puts in and the benefits one receives. This applies not only to the salary, which is actually higher in AG than in other competitive companies, but also to your attitude and loyalty.

One thing I appreciate the most is that there are no salary delays or underpayments here at all – you get what’s yours strictly on time. Every month. It’s always a pleasure to allow yourself to remain productive while working together as a team in a friendly atmosphere and a cozy bright office with powerful PCs. Plus, you can always find some treats in the kitchen (fruits, snacks, cookies, pastries, etc.), which is really dope and makes my day every time.

I’m excited to be working for this company and grateful for helping me start my career in the IT sector. I’ll do my best to help Admix Global grow faster and reach new heights. “

Anastasia Petrova
Team Lead at Admix Global

“ I’ve been working at Admix Global for more than a year now. I’m excited to be part of a great team of SEO experts, skillful link builders, and creative copywriters who know where they are going.

What I like about AG is adequate and clear goal setting, decent wages with regular salary reviews, the possibility of career development, and social events. Also, the office is conveniently located downtown, which is of great importance to me. And you can always have a great brunch here (in case you missed your breakfast).

With AG, I have a feeling of confidence in the future (which is paramount in our reality). Probably, that’s due to timely wages, yeah, but at the same time, it’s much more than that.

I love my job and I’m always looking forward to getting more people to join the company if I know they have the right skills. “

Anzhela Khudiakova
Project Manager at Admix Global

“ I have been part of the Admix Global family for three years now. As soon as I joined the company, I was told that the company management knows how to properly encourage their employees to grow and develop. That was actually one of the decisive factors why I chose to work here. And so I grew from a content manager to a project manager. If you really know where you’re going and are not afraid of difficulties in your job, you can become a great multifaceted professional.

For all the time of working here, I can say that Admix Global is one of the most reliable companies I have ever met. There are no salary delays, and you can get a boost every six months.

Admix Global helped me find new friends. The team is just amazing and growing constantly. In fact, most people come here to stay and get better at what they do. It’s really a great feeling to know that you can genuinely enjoy working in the office while also being beneficial to the company. There’s nothing like collaborating in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere, where you can easily focus on your tasks and get the necessary support when you need it.

I like the fact that you can always discuss your work issues directly with the management if you want. As it often happens, the management is somebody out there you can’t reach – at Admix Global, our CEO is always available for us. All in all, Admix Global eventually became my second home. “

Arina Vershynina
Web & graphic designer at Admix Global

“ I’ve been working remotely as a Designer at Admix Global for a year and a half. I lost my previous job at a marketing agency due to the ongoing war. To my surprise, during such a difficult time for the country, there were Ukrainian companies that continued to provide employment opportunities.

I joined a young and ambitious team, and since I started, the company has already doubled in size! I appreciate that we don’t have a typical “subordinate-supervisor” dynamic here. Everyone is open to dialogue and encourages active discussion of key issues. I haven’t encountered tight deadlines or pressure; I always work at a comfortable pace.

Although I’m not a link builder, marketer, or PR specialist, I work with many departments within the company. This has given me a comprehensive understanding of all the processes, key objectives, and sequences of interactions. My salary is always on time, and there are additional perks—such as reimbursement for English lessons, which I opted for. “

Dima Ganzha
Link Builder at Admix Global

“ I have been working as a Link-Building Specialist for almost two years. I am completely satisfied with my job.

Management always supports initiatives and treats each employee with understanding. The salary level fully meets my expectations and is clearly above the market average. The working conditions in the company allow for maintaining a high level of motivation and productivity. The company provides all the necessary tools and resources for efficient and comfortable work.

I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to work here and grow professionally. I cannot find any drawbacks with Admix Global, not only because I still work here, but also because everything is genuinely perfect. “

Maryna Oliinyk
Business Development Manager at Admix Global

“ I have been working at Admix Global as a Business Development Manager for over two years. I have only positive impressions of the company; for me, this is the best workplace.

This company generates a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels like part of a big family. Almost all of my colleagues who were here when I joined are still working, and the company’s staff has significantly increased.

The salary is above average and always on time. The office is conveniently located in the city center. The company partially covers English language courses, which my colleagues take advantage of.

I recommend Admix to all my friends and acquaintances. “

Slava Basov
Link Builder at Admix Global

“ I’ve been working as a Link Building Specialist (Outreach) for almost two years. I started with no understanding of what link building and SEO were.

I received training from Valentyn, our team lead, which was highly informative and, most importantly, clear. Special thanks to Valentyn for his support during times when things weren’t going well—his tips and advice helped me correct mistakes in my work.

I want to highlight the management, which is always ready to communicate if there are any organizational issues, and I appreciate the openness and guidance they provide. You don’t often find such responsive and open directors.

Overall, I am satisfied with my job, the working conditions, and the salary level. I am happy to be part of this team, which constantly inspires me to improve my skills and gain new knowledge. At Admix Global, everything is possible. “


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